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Alexander Sergeyev becomes president of Russian Academy of Sciences

The Academy has 2,035 members

MOSCOW, September 26. /TASS/. Dr. Alexander Sergeyev has won the second round of election to the post of president at the Russian Academy of Sciences by rallying 1,045 votes of members of the Academy, Dr. Yuri Balega, the chairman of the tallying commission said on Tuesday at the Academy’s general meeting.

The Academy has 2,035 members. Of that number, 412 members voted for the other candidate, Dr. Robert Nigmatulin, while 1,045 academicians cast their ballots in favor of Dr. Sergeyev, an expert is laser physics, nonharmonic wave propagation effects, plasma physcis, and biophotonics.

Apart from Dr. Sergeyev and Dr. Nigmatulin, the initial list of candidates for the post of president had another three persons - Dr. Yevgeny Kablov, Dr. Gennady Krasnikov, and Dr. Vladislav Panchenko.

To become president, a candidate is expected to win a simple majority of votes, which means 50% plus one vote.