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US space militarization plans affect global security, says top Russian diplomat

The US continues nurturing plans to militarize space, Russia's top diplomat warns

MOSCOW, January 15./TASS/. US plans to deploy weapons in space will affect global security, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told his annual news conference on Monday, noting that Washington hampers the passing of major documents.

The senior diplomat reiterated that Russia and China had put forward a join initiative on a draft treaty banning the deployment of weapons in outer space, submitted at a UN Conference on Disarmament several years ago.

"Everybody else understands the topicality of this task, but the US continues nurturing plans to militarize space as regards the deployment of weapons in space, which, of course, will give an additional very negative dimension to problems of international security," the diplomat stressed.

"By the way, at the Conference on Disarmament China was our co-author in the draft of another major document - a convention on preventing chemical and biological terrorism incidents, the draft of which is stalled either, and also by the US to my astonishment," he added.