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Media: Hainan's Sanya to facilitate promotion of Chinese medicine in the world

Sanya is one of Hainan's three key centers which popularizes medical tourism and various non-traditional methods used in the Chinese medical practice

HAIKOU, May 19. /TASS/. This year Hainan's resort city of Sanya a promotion campaign to popularize traditional oriental medicine in the world, the Sanya Daily newspaper reported citing an official familiar with the situation.

According to news outlet, a hospital in the city of Sanya, which in 2014 won the nationwide status of "an advanced institution for promoting the methods of Chinese medicine", will be crucial to this task. 

“In order to enter foreign markets, the center of traditional medicine in Sanya is closely cooperating with international organizations. At the current stage, one of the goals is to attract the attention of the international community,” a representative of the hospital explained. 

According to him, over the past three years, the clinic has established contacts with five specialized Russian organizations to jointly develop the projects involving comprehensive treatment, training of qualified personnel and the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine. Sanya is alos intensively strengthening ties with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Korea and Germany. 

Sanya is one of Hainan's three key centers which popularizes medical tourism and various non-traditional methods used in the Chinese medical practice. Thus, the authorities are facilitating the simplification of procedures for people who are need of healthcare. In December 2017, with the city administration's support, the first official center in the world promoting Hainan medicine was established in Kazakhstan. Moreover, the authorities contribute to creating new partnerships between the best clinics in the region and other countries through exhibitions and presentations.