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Putin calls to ensure independence of defense developments from foreign components

The president also noted that the share of high-tech products of civil and dual-use should grow from 16 to 30% by 2025

MOSCOW, September 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called to ensure technological independence of promising defense developments from foreign components.

"One of priority tasks for design bureaus, research institutes and defense enterprises is to develop advanced weapons and military equipment that will define combat power of Russia’s army. It is important to ensure technological independence of manufacturing these goods from foreign components," Putin told a meeting of the military and industrial commission.

Putin noted that Russia has been implementing a plan on import replacement regarding foreign parts and components for military purpose during three years. He asked participants of the meeting to report on the program’s implementation.

The president also called to create a single database of scientific-research and design and experimental works, and also results of intellectual activity and design documentation for defense products. At the moment, this data is not systematized, he said.

Share of high-tech civilian products should grow to 30% by 2025

The share of high-tech products of civil and dual-use should grow from 16 to 30% by 2025, according to Putin.

"The share of high-tech products of civil and dual-use among the total volume of commercial goods should grow from 16 to 30 % by 2025," he said.

Putin paid particular attention to the upgrade of defense sector enterprises.

"Judging by the report on the implementation of the state policy in the field of defense industry development, which is annually presented by the government, technical re-equipment has a positive impact on the economic performance of defense industry organizations, their ability to manufacture serial and prospective models of weapons and equipment," the Russian leader said.

He added that the rate of sustainable growth in defense sector is now higher than other sectors of the national economy.

"No doubt, the formation of this base will increase efficiency of using the results of research and advanced development, intellectual activity and technologies of military and dual-use, including thanks to using them in the civilian sector of manufacturing," Putin said, noting that conditions will be created for developing and increasing competitiveness of military and industrial complex.

Innovation-based technopolis could provide defense research pattern

An innovation-based technopolis could provide an effective pattern for fundamental and applied defense research, Putin said.

"We have said it many times that we need an effective pattern for fundamental and applied defense research that would allow us to introduce cutting-edge technologies, strengthening the country’s defense capabilities and ensuring its economic growth," Putin said. "A modern innovation-based technopolis may provide such a pattern, if conditions are created there for experienced and young researchers to make scientific efforts and express their creativity," he added.

The Russian president also said that such a technopolis could be set up based on successful research facilities, design bureaus, state corporations and other companies. Putin pointed out that it was Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who had shared the idea with him. "I think, it is an interesting and promising plan so we need to consider ways to implement it," Putin said.

Putin also congratulated the personnel of the Almaz-Antey company on Armorer’s Day, noting that a monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russia’s outstanding small arms designer, had been unveiled in Moscow on Tuesday.