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Russian Navy corvette delivers missile strike on enemy warship in Baltic Sea drills

Also, the corvette’s crew held an exercise for air defense of a ship using the A-190 artillery gun

KALININGRAD, December 7. /TASS/. The crew of the Baltic Fleet’s Project 20380 corvette Stoiky live-fired an anti-ship missile against a notional enemy warship during tactical drills at naval training ranges in the Baltic Sea, the Fleet’s press office reported on Tuesday.

"As part of the planned deployment to the sea, the crew of the corvette Stoiky successfully accomplished the task of delivering a missile strike against a naval target that simulated a mock enemy’s combat ship. The missile fire was delivered from the corvette’s main strike weapon: the Uran anti-ship missile system," the press office said in a statement.

Also, the corvette’s crew held an exercise for air defense of a ship using the A-190 artillery gun, the press office added.

The Baltic Fleet engaged up to 10 combat ships and support vessels to provide for the fulfillment of combat exercises by the corvette, the statement says.

After accomplishing the firing task, the crew of the corvette Stoiky practiced the personnel’s electronic warfare, ship damage control and anti-saboteur measures, interoperability and communications among the ships that provided for the missile firing, the press office said.

The Uran anti-ship cruise missile is designated to strike fast-speed sea-going surface ships operating alone or as part of convoys and amphibious assault ships day and night, in simple and complex weather conditions under enemy jamming and fire.

Project 20380 corvettes

Project 20380 corvettes are designed to accomplish green-water missions, fight enemy surface ships and submarines and provide artillery support for amphibious assault operations. The corvettes of this type incorporate the latest solutions for reducing their physical fields. In particular, the shipbuilders significantly reduced their radar signature during their construction, using radio absorption materials and specially designing their hull and superstructure.

Project 20380 corvettes are armed with Uran anti-ship missiles, Redut surface-to-air missile systems, A-190 artillery guns and Paket-NK anti-submarine warfare weapons. They can carry Ka-27 helicopters of any modification.