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Two-thirds of Europe’s defense spending goes to US contractors — Stoltenberg

According to Jens Stoltenberg, more than 20 NATO member-states spent at least 2% of GDP on defense

WASHINGTON, June 17. /TASS/. Two-thirds of Europe’s defense expenses go toward paying for new orders from US companies, with the value of the business reaching $140 billion over the last two years alone, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

"This year more than 20 allies spent at least 2% of GDP on defense," he said at an event Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, referring to NATO member countries. "Much of this extra money is spent here in the United States."

"For the last two years more than two-thirds of European defense acquisitions were made with US firms. That is more than $140 billion," Stoltenberg went on to say.