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NATO jets escorted Russian planes near Estonian airspace

Germany and the UK jointly carry out a mission to patrol the Estonian sky

LONDON, March 18. /TASS/. Eurofighter Typhoon jets of the British and German air forces were scrambled to escort a group of Russian aircraft near Estonia’s airspace. The incident occurred on March 17, the press service of the United Kingdom Air Force said on Saturday.

Two Typhoons are said to have escorted a Tupolev-134 of the Russian armed forces, accompanied by an Antonov-12 transport plane and two Sukhoi-27 fighters.

Germany and Britain jointly patrol the sky over Estonia. On March 15, fighter jets of the two countries were sent to escort Russia’s Ilyushin-78 and Antonov-14 near Estonia’s air border.

The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that all flights by Russian military aircraft to the Kaliningrad Region and back are carried out over international waters in strict accordance with international rules.