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Serbia won’t slap sanctions on China and Russia, president vows

This is the best policy for the country’s citizens, Aleksandar Vucic told

BELGRADE, June 1. /TASS/. Serbia is not going to impose sanctions against China and Russia although it is on the path of joining the European Union, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told TV Happy on Tuesday.

"We are on the path to the EU. Serbia is a militarily neutral country. Serbia unlike some other states, which are on the European path, won’t ruin its relations and has great relations with China and Russia. We won’t impose any sanctions either against China or against Russia, that’s it," Vucic said.

"This is our policy, this is not any balancing, this is the best policy, which proved itself both during coronavirus, the purchase of vaccines and other things. This is the best policy for the country’s citizens and there is not much philosophy here. We will continue this policy as long as we are able to conduct it," the Serbian leader said.

Thanks to its multi-vector policy, Belgrade actively purchases COVID-19 vaccines around the world. Currently, Serbian citizens can choose either vaccines of Pfizer, China’s Sinopharm, British-Swedish AstraZeneca or also Russia’s Sputnik V.

Serbia’s foreign policy course envisages accession to the EU while maintaining friendly relations with Moscow and Beijing, as well as developing ties with Washington. Serbia intends to maintain military neutrality, refusing to join NATO and other blocs. This stance, however, raises objections in the West. Serbia has repeatedly received signals that European integration is possible only under two conditions - it if recognizes Kosovo’s independence and ends friendly relations with Russia. Over the past few years, the West has been far more frequently castigating Serbia for its active cooperation with China.