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Dead souls going to the polls? Deceased voters like ex-Donbass head on Ukraine registry

The list of those who have been killed in the Donetsk People’s Republic includes more than 125,000 people

KIEV, March 25. /TASS/. With the Ukrainian presidential election fast approaching, journalists have revealed new ways that the Poroshenko regime is carrying out mass voter fraud. For one, Ukraine’s Strana edition has found out that the country’s State Voter Register includes people, who everyone knows are dead. Moreover, it warned that there could be up to 200,000 such "ghost voters" on the lists.

"Strana has already reported about a mass system of bribing voters, about the fact that the number of those who have the right to vote, all of a sudden, swelled by one million and why Ukraine closed polling stations in Russia," the publication wrote. "However, Strana has found out that there is another way of falsifying citizens’ will on a mass scale.

"The so-called ‘reserve’ is about 200,000 votes. These are those people who died in the uncontrolled territories of the Donbass region, but the Ukrainian authorities pretend they know nothing about it."

"Strana" cited vivid examples proving that such "dead souls" exist. For example, the State Voter Register includes the former head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko who "is to vote" in Donetsk. The list also includes resident of the city of Ilovaisk Mikhail Tolstykh, commander of the Somalia people’s militia battalion better known by his call-sign Givi, who was killed in Makeyevka on February 8, 2017. His polling station is located in Ilovaisk, in the Donetsk Region.

The edition claims it has verified information on a few more people who are known to have been killed in the territories outside of Kiev’s control. All of them are still on the list of living voters.

The Poroshenko regime organized a voting scheme for residents of the uncontrolled areas of the Donbass region, which makes it possible for Kiev, which has full control over the voter registry, to add as many residents of the uncontrolled territories, including those who have died, to the lists of voters, Strana stressed. "To do that, it is enough to provide a statement allegedly written on behalf of that individual and his or her passport particulars, which the authorities have as well, and, after that, having control over a district election commission, to "vote" for the right candidate. It is noteworthy that the lists of those citizens who have been killed in the uncontrolled territories since 2014 are easily available online," the edition said.

For example, the list of those who have been killed in the DPR includes more than 125,000 people, while the number of those who have lost their lives in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) over the same period of time can be estimated at 70,000 or 80,000 people. "Taken together, that tallies up about 200,000 ‘dead souls,’ on whose behalf the authorities have every opportunity to cast votes for the "right" candidates. After all, these voters are officially listed alive. At the same time, they cannot prevent electoral fraud in any way," the journalists warned.