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Sleeper terrorist cells exist in over 60 countries, says official

According to the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center, Russia and other CIS member states are no exception

MOSCOW, October 30. /TASS/. Sleeper cells belonging to various terrorist organizations exist in more than 60 countries, even in Russia and other member nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), CIS Anti-Terrorism Center Head Vladimir Grigoryev said at a TASS press conference on Tuesday.

"According to expert estimates, these so-called sleeper cells exist in more than 60 countries. Russia and other CIS member states are no exception," he stressed.

According to Grigoryev, in particular, militants returning to their native countries from regions where armed conflicts are raging are the ones setting up sleeper cells. However, law enforcement agencies have been effectively preventing militants from arriving in CIS countries in organized groups, he pointed out.

The CIS Anti-Terrorism Center chief also said that terrorists also infiltrate into countries disguised as migrants.

Up to 30% of those who took part in hostilities abroad return to their native countries, he noted, adding "it is these people who launch a new kind of terrorist activity - the so-called low-cost terrorism." "It includes not only militants’ returning to their home countries but also the recruitment of people who had visited countries embroiled in armed conflicts," Grigoryev explained.