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Poll shows 37% of Americans view Russia as enemy, 25% as friend

As many as 3% of survey respondents said that Moscow was Washington’s ally, while 34% said Russia was unfriendly

WASHINGTON, March 5. /TASS/. About one-third of Americans believe that Russia is their country’s enemy, while a smaller group think that it is a friendly country, according to a poll conducted by CBS News together with the YouGov data analytics firm.

One of the poll’s questions was: "Do you consider Russia an ally of the United States, friendly but not an ally, unfriendly, or an enemy of the United States?" As many as 3% of survey respondents said that Moscow was Washington’s ally; 25% said it was a friendly country but not an ally; 34% said Russia was unfriendly; and 37% said it was an enemy of the United States.

In another question, poll respondents were asked to assess the factors that could impact their vote for president. A total of 41% of respondents said that the conflict in Ukraine was "a major factor," with the same percentage of those polled viewing it as "a minor factor," while 18% do not think that it is an important factor in terms of the US presidential election.

As many as 37% of the poll’s participants mentioned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as "a major factor," with 44% saying that it was "a minor factor," while others do not consider it a factor at all.

Meanwhile, 82% of those surveyed view the domestic economic situation in the US as "a major factor," while another 15% believe it is "a minor factor." The percentage of those who said that the situation on the US-Mexico border was "a major factor" stands at 62%, while 28% said they regarded it as "a minor factor."

The nationwide poll involving 2,159 adult respondents was conducted from February 28 to March 1.