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Journalists were main target of Kiev forces’ shelling of bridge in Kherson Thur — official

It is reported that a 16-year-old female journalist was injured

KHERSON, October 21. /TASS/. The Ukrainian forces that shelled a civilian bridge in Kherson on Thursday evening were intentionally targeting a group of journalists, the Kherson Region’s deputy governor, Kirill Stremousov, said on Friday.

"In all likelihood, they were targeting the journalists. Oleg Klokov, a producer of the Tavria TV channel, was killed. Also, there were eight people from the VTV television channel at that moment. We surmise that the strike was targeted against the journalists. The aim was to kill those who cover the situation in the Kherson Region. Most probably, there had been a tip from an informant. We suspect it was not a casual strike," Stremousov said in a video on his Telegram channel.

Tavria TV cameraman Ruslan Voskresensky is in serious condition. Another Tavria staffer, Konstantin Mochar, is in hospital. A 16-year-old female journalist was injured.

On Thursday evening, the Ukrainian forces fired 12 missiles at a bridge in Kherson; air defense systems shot down 11, but one crashed in the area of the Antonovka bridge, killing four and injuring ten. According to the Kherson Region’s head of government Sergey Yeliseyev, the injuries are clear evidence that most likely US HIMARS rockets with cluster warheads were used.

On Friday, the region’s deputy governor, Yekaterina Gubareva, said that two employees of the Kherson TV company Tavria were among those killed. One them, Russian journalist and producer Oleg Klokov, joined the broadcaster’s team recently to help develop the channel.