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Over 300 attempted information attacks on remote e-voting system registered on weekend

According to Ella Pamfilova, there have been no large-scale DDoS attacks

MOSCOW, September 11. /TASS/. More than 300 information attacks were committed against remote electronic voting systems on September 10 and 11, but no large-scale DDoS attacks were reported, chairperson of the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) Ella Pamfilova said on Sunday.

"Now, I will tell you about attempted attacks on the remote e-voting system. More than 300 attempted low criticality information attacks on the federal platform of the remote e-voting system from foreign addresses were registered on Saturday and Sunday. Attacks are registered from network addresses in Western European, Central Asian and South Caucasian countries," she said.

According to Pamfilova, there have been no large-scale DDoS attacks. "Most of the malevolent traffic is blocked before the remote e-voting system’s perimeter," she said. "A rather sophisticated attempted attack was registered at 13:30 Moscow time. The ten-minute attack was stopped at the system’s perimeter and had no effect on its operation."

Apart from that, in her words, as many as 29,269 "potentially dangerous high criticality attacks" were exposed and blocked and 96 DDoS attacks were repelled in a period from June 1 to 14:00 Moscow time on September 11.

On September 9-11, Russia holds elections of 15 top officials in regions (14 direct elections and by voting in parliament in Adygea), members of six legislative assemblies, 12 councils of people’s deputies in the administrative centers of Russia’s constituent territories, and also members of local governing bodies.