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Over 440 companies from 28 countries apply for MAKS’2017 aerospace show

Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov pointed out the ESA, Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, and Safran Group

MOSCOW, May 5. /TASS/. More than 440 companies from 28 countries have filed applications for participation in the MAKS’2017 aerospace show, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said on Thursday upon the results of a meeting of the show’s organizing committee.

"Participation of the world’s leading developers of aerospace technologies proves foreign companies continue being interested in cooperation with Russian manufacturers of aircraft and space technologies," Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said.

All the major Russian companies designing and developing aircraft, space and defense technologies will be represented at MAKS’2017, he said.

Among the international participants, Manturov pointed out the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, and Safran Group. Belarus, France, Iran, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Canada plan to have their national pavilions.

The participating nations, agencies and corporations have reserved 18,000 square meters of floor space in the pavilions and in open-space areas.

MAKS’2017, the thirteenth show in the Moscow International Aerospace Shows series, will take place in the town of Zhukovsky to the southeast of Moscow from July 18 through July 23.

Three aerobatic groups of the Russian Aerospace Force - Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights), Strizhi (Swifts) and Sokoly Rossii (Russian Falcons) - have confirmed their participation in the program of exhibition flights that traditionally attract thousands upon thousands of visitors to Zhukovsky.

The Russian aerobatic groups Rus and Pervy Polyot (Maiden Flight), as well as the Baltic Bees of Latvia are also expected to perform at MAKS’2017.