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US seeking to drag everyone into Ukrainian conflict, but Hungary not buying — Orban

"And if a world war breaks out, it will be a nuclear war," Viktor Orban noted

BUDAPEST, April 14. /TASS/. The United States has not given up on its aim of embroiling everyone it can into the military conflict in Ukraine, but Hungary will remain on the side of peace, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the Kossuth radio station on Friday.

The head of government stressed that the US "has not abandoned its plan to shoehorn everyone into a military alliance," supplying weapons to Ukraine and supporting continued hostilities. In connection with this, he reiterated that the threat of the Ukrainian conflict morphing into a new world war has been growing with each passing day.

"And if a world war breaks out, it will be a nuclear war," Orban noted. In his opinion, the current escalation of the conflict in Ukraine attests to the fact that the [combatant] countries are literally "inches away from the use of nuclear weapons."

This is precisely why Hungary supports the swiftest possible ceasefire and the commencement of peace talks on settling the Ukrainian conflict, the Hungarian prime minister emphasized.