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Minsk tells Ukraine not to place foreign missions with weapons on border

To reduce tension, Ukrainians need to withdraw the defense and military from the border, said the State Border Committee of Belarus

MINSK, October 15. /TASS/. In order to prevent possible conflicts on the Belaurs-Ukraine border, the Ukrainian side should withdraw its soldiers and not place foreign armed missions there, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Anatoly Lappo said.

"To de-escalate tensions, the Ukrainians need to withdraw the military personnel from the border, and not place foreign missions with weapons. The fewer servicemen, except border guards, there should be fewer prerequisites for conflict on the borders," the department's press service quoted him as saying on Friday.

The republic's border guards, Lappo continued, are able to suppress provocations by neighboring states. "Of course, there is tension from the Polish side and from the Baltic countries, but the Ukrainian direction deserves special attention. Border guards there are on heightened duty, because on their side people often go to the border unmarked. In addition, there have been situations of provocations and insults to our state symbols. We have enough forces and means to protect our state border," BelTA quoted the head of the department as saying.

The State Border Committee informed that the scaled-up border patrols are deployed to retaliate, technical means of protection and maneuvering groups of territorial border guards are actively used as well. "Close cooperation is established with the units and divisions of the Belarusian armed forces involved in the provision of border security," the State Border Committe noted.