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Poroshenko in hot seat, as investigators launch probe into usurpation of power claims

Attorney Andrey Portnov, a former member of the Viktor Yanukovich team, has filed the relevan claim

KIEV, May 31. /TASS/. As a result of a claim filed by attorney Andrey Portnov, Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has launched an investigation against ex-President Pytor Poroshenko over accusations that he attempted to usurp power.

"My friends, I’d like to inform you that the SBI has begun a probe into Poroshenko’s seizure of power and refusal to obey court decisions in appointing members of the Supreme Council of Justice," Portnov said on his Telegram channel on Friday.
He also published a document saying the SBI had included his request in the unified register of pre-trial investigations.

"I am certain that if the SBI acts at a steady pace, Poroshenko may be sent to a detention center by the beginning of July," Portnov said.

On May 20, lawyer Andrei Portnov, a former member of the Viktor Yanukovich team, first deputy chief of Yanukovich’s staff, said he had filed several statements at the SBI to accuse Poroshenko of committing several crimes, including high treason, attempting to seize power and abuse of office.