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Psychological assistance rendered to 300 Volgograders, blast victims' relatives

VOLGOGRAD, January 04, /ITAR-TASS/. Psychologists have rendered assistance to more than 260 Volgograder and several dozen residents of other Russian regions following the terrorist attacks in Volgograd ahead of the New Year, a spokeswoman told Itar-Tass.

"Psychologists provided assistance through multi-channel helpline, Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) hotline and two round-the-clock psychological support centers opened at the 3rd and 30th outpatient clinics of Volgograd," Yekaterina Golod, spokeswoman for the regional governor, said.

Fourteen groups of medics which included psychologists also helped the families of the fatalities during the identification procedure, as well as to people injured in the terrorists attacks and eye-witnesses.

City Orthodox priests provided help to the victims' families in the first hours after the acts of terror and are continuing to do so, Golod added.

Terrorists staged two attacks in Volgograd in two days: at the railway station on December 29, and in a trolley-bus on December 30, killing 34 people. Sixty-four people remain in hospitals. Of those, 18 were flown to Moscow medical centers and 46 are receiving treatment in Volgograd hospitals.