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UGREEN TWS Earbuds: the carry everywhere, listen to anything, enjoy bluetooth headphones

SHENZHEN, China, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluetooth headphones have always held the promise of the ultimate listening experience — light, small, and free from annoying wires. But early models suffered from poor battery life and subpar sound quality.

Now, armed with state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the UGREEN TWS True Wireless Earbuds unveiled by Shenzhen-based tech company UGREEN is setting the new standard in wireless audio.

With its small and easy-to-carry charging case, the UGREEN TWS True Wireless Earbuds delivers an incredible 18 hours of listening time before needing a power outlet — about twice as long as previous-generation models. What's more, a full charge takes just one hour.

The ultra-lightweight TWS Earbuds can be used with any smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices, and will pair seamlessly, reconnecting as soon as they are taken out of their charging case.

The UGREEN TWS True Wireless Earbuds' understated black design includes touch controls on either side to pause, play or skip music and podcasts, and answer, refuse, or end phone calls. A quick triple tap will turn on voice assistants on both iPhone and Android phones.

Both the left and right earbuds of the TWS Earbuds will connect individually with your device, meaning lower latency and interference and true Hi-Fi stereo sound quality. This set-up also allows users to wear just one earbud, left or right, as both can work independently of the other and both earbuds feature a microphone. There's no need to put in both earbuds just to answer a quick phone call.

Three sizes of buds are included to make sure users will get the best fit and keep out the most noise. The earbuds can withstand the sweat of a good workout.

UGREEN is a prominent tech company in China, having been established in 2012 in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It creates smart products for home and car, as well as smartphone accessories. All research, design, and production are done in-house to ensure the best possible products. In 2019, UGREEN was awarded as one of the most popular brands on Amazon, and earlier this year the company won a prestigious IF Design Award. UGREEN has registered 301 patents between 2012 and 2019, with 44 more applications in process.

With the TWS Earbuds, UGREEN has hit the market with a winner, playing into what customers most value in a pair of headphones: portability, adaptability, and versatility. UGREEN sees wireless headphones as a strategically important segment, and is confident its customer-first philosophy will succeed.

Available on AliExpress, the UGREEN TWS True Wireless Earbuds are beautiful, powerful, and affordable. This March, as AliExpress celebrates its 10-year anniversary during the Aliexpress Anniversary Sale, pick up a pair with an irresistible discount and enjoy the best wireless listening experience yet.

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