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Russia-Vietnam joint statement following Putin’s visit: key provisions

Russia and Vietnam "consistently strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership in the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance amid the tough international situation"

MOSCOW, June 20. /TASS/. Russia and Vietnam have issued a joint statement following President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Hanoi, in which the sides outlined plans for further cooperation and interaction in the international arena.

Putin invited the Vietnamese authorities to visit Russia at any convenient time, and the invitation was accepted.

TASS has summarized the main provisions of the document.

Support for Putin’s foreign policy

Vietnam welcomes Vladimir Putin's re-election as Russian president in spring 2024 and believes that his re-election speaks volumes about how the Russian people feel about the direction the country is headed.

This support is due, among other things, to the foreign policy course, "an important direction of which is the development of cooperation with Vietnam."

Strengthening cooperation

Russia and Vietnam "consistently strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership in the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance amid the tough international situation." Moscow and Hanoi "pay great attention to direct inter-regional ties, exchanges through non-governmental and party organizations, advocate making more efficient the existing formats and mechanisms of cooperation and, if necessary, creating new ones."

The sides agreed to step up economic cooperation, so they will create a high-level working group on priority investment projects.

Russia promised to speed up the construction of the Center of Nuclear Science and Technology. In addition, the sides advocated stepping up cooperation in tourism, "including by increasing the number of direct scheduled and charter flights between the two countries and simplifying conditions for mutual travel of citizens."

Fight with terrorism

Moscow and Hanoi support the development of an international convention to combat biological and chemical terrorism. Vietnam also condemned the terrorist attack on the Moscow Region’s Crocus City Hall in March 2024 and expressed solidarity with Russia in the fight against terrorists and extremists.

Asia-Pacific region security architecture

Interaction in the defense and security spheres "is of special importance in Russia-Vietnam relations. At the same time, "it is not directed against third countries and is characterized by a high level of mutual trust and is implemented in strict compliance with the principles and norms of the international legal system."

The goal of this partnership is "ensuring peace, stability and sustainable development" in the Asia-Pacific region and the world as a whole. Moscow and Hanoi support ensuring equal and indivisible security on the basis of non-aligned principles in the Asia-Pacific region.

Promoting multipolar world order

Russia and Vietnam will contribute to establishing a just multipolar world order based on the UN Charter.

The sides emphasize that "international obligations in connection with the immunity of the heads of state and their property must be strictly observed."


Russia and Vietnam note common approaches to ensuring information security and agree to deepen cooperation in this sphere.

The sides will develop the international legal basis in this sphere and help each other in combating crimes committed with the help of information technologies. The sides support UN efforts to develop an international convention on combating cybercrime.

Space arms race

The sides voiced concern about the "threat of an arms race in outer space." Russia and Vietnam favor negotiating a treaty to prevent the placement of weapons in space.

ASEAN's role

Russia and Vietnam support strengthening the central role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the system of interstate relations in the Asia-Pacific region. Also, Moscow and Hanoi will promote increased cooperation between ASEAN, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Ukrainian crisis

Russia highly appreciates Vietnam's balanced and objective position on the Ukrainian crisis. Moscow welcomes Vietnam's readiness to join international efforts to find ways to "peacefully and reliably resolve the conflict."

Middle East conflict

Russia and Vietnam are in favor of strengthening stability in the Middle East and are against interference in the region's internal affairs. The countries support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Interaction in BRICS

Moscow will continue to work to strengthen ties "between BRICS members and developing countries, including Vietnam."