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New Russian party For the Truth formed in Moscow

Delegates from 58 Russian regions elected the writer Zakhar Prilepin as its leader

MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. Delegates from 58 Russian regions have voted to form a new party For the Truth and elected the writer Zakhar Prilepin as its leader, TASS reported on Saturday.

"There is nothing surprising, much less inappropriate, in the fact that, of course, the Movement for the Truth needs an organization that will implement the things related to the constitution, to social, political and cultural life, as all these will be brought to life. For this purpose, we are setting up the party For the Truth," Prilepin said.

The For the Truth party was formed on the basis of the eponymous movement.

Prilepin announced the creation of the For the Truth movement on 29 October 2019, noting that it would operate in most Russian regions. The writer said that he had plans to form, alongside people with a similar set of mind, a large structure capable of helping people to solve their problems.

According to the organizers’ plan, anyone can join the movement by filling in their contact information on the organization’s site. The site says that the movement plans to support various civic initiatives, starting "from animal protection to election monitoring.".