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Russia's top arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey develops new generation air defense system

The company’s CEO has assured the manufacturers keep moving on with the development of brand new systems

MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. Russia’s arms manufacturing concern Almaz-Antey has started developing a new generation medium-range missile system, the concern’s CEO Yan Novikov has said.

"We never stop, we keep moving on. We’ve already begun research and development work on a new generation of medium range missile systems," Novikov is quoted by the Almaz-Antey press-service as saying.

Other air defense systems of medium range available from Almaz-Antey are the Buk family and S-350 Vityaz.

Almaz-Antey makes Buk-M2E defense systems, capable of hitting aerodynamic targets at distances ranging from three kilometers to 45 and at altitudes of 15 kilometers to 25. The Russian army started receiving the newest system Buk-M3 in 2016.