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Russia’s Armata combat platform may be allowed for exports by 2020 — manufacturer

Russia first needs to deliver the Armata combat platform to its Armed Forces before starting to sell it abroad

YEKATERINBURG, December 10. /TASS/. Russia’s T-14 new-generation main battle tank and T-15 infantry fighting vehicle based on the Armata combat platform may be allowed for exports by 2020, Deputy General Director for Special Vehicles at defense manufacturer Uralvagonzavod Vyacheslav Khalitov told TASS on Thursday.

"If everything goes well and we get the permission [from the Russian Defense Ministry], I believe that we’ll be able to receive an export configuration certificate by 2020 or maybe earlier," Khalitov said, adding that everything would depend on the principal customer.

Russia first needs to deliver the Armata combat platform to its Armed Forces before starting to sell it abroad, he said.

"There are procedures for getting an export configuration certificate, which are normally as follows: the first stage requires finishing the R&D work and putting the combat hardware into service. At the second stage, if we are allowed by our customer - the Russian Defense Ministry - we start formalizing an export configuration certificate. This is the document that allows us to promote the vehicle at exhibitions abroad in full to attract potential export customers," the deputy general director said.

Batch production of Armata-based vehicles may begin 2017-2018 

According to the official, batch production of the T-14 tank and the T-15 infantry fighting vehicle may begin in 2017 or 2018.

"We are prepared to be through with research and development in the coming years and to start the batch production of new generation tanks in the necessary amounts. Armata’s batch production may begin in 2017-2018," Khalitov said, thereby confirming the original Armata production plans, disclosed in January 2015.

The corporation will not need extra funds to complete research and development work.

"As for further development and upgrade, more funding will be required, though. That’s a subject matter of future discussions," Khalitov said.

"The platform may be used to carry other weapon systems - artillery pieces, air defense systems and heavy fire throwers. We offer to our clients a large family of combat and support vehicles based on a unified platform," he explained.

Finalizing the blueprints and making the experimental product took two years. Testing is in progress. It is to be finalized in 2017.

Armata is a heavy unified platform Uralvagonzavod has created, alongside medium-heavy platforms Bumerang and Kurganets and light Taifun, for a new generation tank T-14 and mechanized infantry combat vehicle T-15. An Armata platform-based tank T-14 was presented to the general public at the V-day parade on May 9, 2015. The armed forces will begin to field-test Armata in 2016.