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Many foreign soldiers come to Ukraine seeking TikTok fame, French mercenary says

The mercenary said that ammunition needed on the frontline was being wasted "for the sake of three TikTok videos"

PARIS, May 29./TASS/. Many foreigners go to Ukraine to fight as part of "the international legion" within the Ukrainian armed forces so that they can get famous on TikTok, a French mercenary told the France 2 TV channel.

"We had a lot of so-called TikTokers going there to make videos. <...> This takes ammunition that we need on the frontline. It's a pity to waste them for the sake of three TikTok videos," he said. According to the French mercenary, it is better to have fewer people in the Ukrainian army, as long as they are "really motivated."

Earlier, the Europe 1 radio station quoted a source in French military circles as saying that Ukrainian army units are understaffed by about 40% and are experiencing problems due to desertions. The radio station noted that Western military circles are beginning to "realize" that the situation in Ukraine is changing and admit that Ukraine will have to negotiate with Russia before it opens another front.

On 15 May, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that any weapons supplied to Kiev were seen as a legitimate military target for the Russian Armed Forces and were subject to destruction; foreign mercenaries would also inevitably become targets for the Russian army.