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Poland drags EU countries into escalation in Ukraine against their will – MEP from France

Thierry Mariani said that in the provision of weapons "Warsaw is now going even further than Washington"

PARIS, March 18. /TASS/. Warsaw is trying to draw the European Union into the Ukrainian conflict as deeply as possible contrary to the interests of most EU countries, a member of the European Parliament from France, Thierry Mariani, told TASS.

"In the conflict in Ukraine, Poland has become the element that is obviously trying to drag the EU into the escalation as deeply as possible against the wish of the EU countries," Mariani said.

He expressed his attitude to Poland's decision to dispatch MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

"It seems to me it is extremely dangerous for Poland to supply military aircraft to Kiev," the source said. "So far, the United States has not made such a decision."

As the European legislator stated, "Warsaw is now going even farther than Washington" in providing military hardware to Ukraine.

"The aircraft to be delivered are to enable Ukraine to strike deep into the territory of Russia," he warned.

"This is another in a series of steps towards the EU’s involvement in the conflict. Each such step brings us closer to participation in the conflict and we run the risk of getting into it someday," Mariani added.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Thursday that Ukraine would receive MiG-29 fighter jets from Warsaw within days.