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DPRK supports outcome of referendums on accession of new regions to Russia

The referendums were held in keeping with the UN Charter, the North Korean Foreign Ministry noted

SEOUL, October 4. /TASS/. North Korean authorities supported the outcome of the referendums on accession of four new regions to Russia, KCNA reported Tuesday citing the North Korean Foreign Ministry.

"We respect the will of the residents who aspired toward the integration into Russia and support the Russian government's stand of making the above-said regions the composition of Russia," Jo Chol Su, head of the Ministry’s Department of International Organizations said, according to KCNA.

"The referendums were held in keeping with the UN Charter laying down the principles of the equality of peoples and their right to self-determination and according to legitimate methods and procedures so that the will of the residents of the two republics and the two regions could be fully reflected," the diplomat said.

According to the North Korean diplomat, the US "abuses the UN Security Council" and interferes in the internal affairs of independent countries and infringe upon their legal rights as it seeks to preserve the unipolar world.

"The days are going never to return when the US can use the UNSC as its shield and means of aggression for maintaining its supremacy," the diplomat said, noting that Washington unleashed wars of aggression against sovereign states including former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, but it has not been called into question by the UN Security Council.