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Over 500,000 people eligible to vote at referendum in Zaporozhye region — commission

As many as 394 polling stations have been organized in the region

MOSCOW, September 20. /TASS/. More than 500,000 people will be eligible to vote at the referendum on the accession to Russia in the Zaporozhye region, chairperson of the regional election commission Galina Katyushchenko said on Tuesday.

"As of today, more than 500,000 people have been put on the voter lists in the Zaporozhye region," she said, adding that as many as 394 polling stations have been organized in the region.

Apart from that, according to Katyushchenko, around 50,000 people will take part in the voting outside the Zaporozhye region. "Eighty-five polling stations will be organized outside the Zaporozhye region - the so-called overseas polling stations. They are being organized in Russia, in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, and in the Kherson region," she said.

The referendum will be held from September 23 to 27. On the first four days, voting will be held only online from 08:00am to 20:00 local time. Offline voting will be possible on September 27, from 08:00am to 16:00 local time.

The leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as well as the liberated Kherson and Zaporozhye regions announced a decision on Tuesday to hold referendums on joining Russia. All the four regions will hold the vote on September 23-27.