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Success of Russian operation in Ukraine to bring ‘downfall of Western hegemony’ — lawmaker

The US is vitally interested in continuing the war ‘until the last Ukrainian,’ Leonid Slutsky noted

MOSCOW, May 20. /TASS/. Russia’s success in its special military operation in Ukraine will mean a "downfall of the collective West’s hegemony" for Washington, so the US is interested to continue the war "until the last Ukrainian," LDPR parliamentary faction leader, chairman of Russian State Duma Committee on international affairs Leonid Slutsky opined Friday.

"For Washington, the success of the Russian special military operation will mean a downfall of the collective West’s hegemony and its neo-colonial policy. And this is exactly what the US cannot allow. This is why the US is vitally interested in continuing the war ‘until the last Ukrainian.’ Its goal is to weaken Russia, while destruction of Ukraine is just collateral damage for them," Slutsky said in his Telegram channel, commenting on the remark made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that, if Ukraine stops fighting, "it will no longer exist."

The lawmaker called Blinken’s statement a cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion both in Ukraine and beyond it.