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Kiev moves western weapons to Donbass — Donetsk leader

Accroding to Denis Pushilin, the situation looks unstable in general

MOSCOW, February 14. /TASS/. The leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, has said that Ukraine is quickly delivering to Donbass the military hardware it is getting from the West.

"Weapons supplies to Kiev are continuing. This hardware is promptly moved to the engagement line, to the territory of Donbass that is under Kiev’s control," Pushilin said on the Ekho Moskvy radio station on Monday.

He stressed that the delivery of weapons Ukraine was getting from the Western countries to Donbass looked worrisome against the backdrop of speculations by the Western countries the risk of hostilities in the region was high. Pushilin said that Kiev’s redeployment of weapons to the east of Ukraine was confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities’ public statements and also by the Donetsk Republic’s own intelligence.

"The situation looks unstable in general," Pushilin stated.

Also, he recalled the presence of foreign military instructors who were training Ukrainian military personnel in carrying out subversive operations.

"According to our sources, there are many hundreds of professional saboteurs and professional instructors who, according to Ukraine’s estimates have already trained more than 20,000 men for committing acts of sabotage," he said.

Last Sunday, a batch of portable air defense missiles Stinger of US manufacture and other military hardware was delivered to Ukraine from Lithuania, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov said. The US embassy said that two planeloads of ammunition, including shells for grenade launchers arrived in Ukraine. According to Reznikov, the United States has already dispatched 17 planes with 1,500 tonnes of military cargoes to Ukraine.