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Kyrgyzstan protests over detention of its national in Kazakhstan — security chief

Kyrgyzstan have sent a note to Kazakhstan

BISHKEK, January 9./TASS/. Kyrgyzstan has sent a note to Kazakhstan after a Kyrgyz national was detained by Kazakh law enforcement officers on suspicion of terrorism, the head of the State National Security Committee, Kamchybek Tashiev, told journalists in Bishkek on Sunday.

"We have sent a note [to Kazakhstan] and all data on this case," he said. Tashiev dubbed as unjustified accusations of Kazakh law enforcement agencies targeting "a decent citizen, musician and public activist" of Kyrgyzstan, referring to Vikram Ruzakhunov.

"Most likely he could have found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Tashiev, who is also deputy prime minister. According to the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan, the well-known in Kyrgyzstan jazz musician, detained and accused of taking part in riots in Kazakhstan, was often on tours in Almaty. He was invited for concerts in Almaty before New Year, flying to the neighboring republic on January 2. Some Kazakh media outlets showed video footage where Ruzakhunov confessed to taking part in riots in lmaty. The video showed evidence of beatings on his face. The detention of the jazz musician triggered a negative reaction on social media of Kyrgyzstan, its users demand to stop collecting humanitarian aid for Kazakhstan as well as the return of peacekeepers. A rally was held near the Kazakh Embassy in Bishkek on Sunday.