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US administration official describes Biden-Putin summit as constructive

According to a senior administration official, the meeting was "constructive, nonpolemical, and very matter-of-fact"

WASHINGTON, June 17. /TASS/. Washington believes that the Geneva meeting between Presidents Joe Biden of the United States and Vladimir Putin of Russia was constructive, a senior US administration official told a briefing in Geneva.

According to the official, the meeting was "constructive, nonpolemical, and very matter-of-fact."

"I’d say that, as you heard the President say, there is some productive movement in a few areas, particularly the launch of a process on strategic stability to see if we can look at additional arms control measures in areas that are not covered by existing agreements - well, existing agreement, singular, since we basically have New START and its extension. So that is both practical and productive," the official pointed out.

Moscow and Washington extended the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) until 2026 in February 2021.