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UN should play central role in world politics — Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that regional organizations are also important

MOSCOW, October 19. /TASS/. The United Nations Organization has not exhausted its potential and should play a central role in world politics, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told Serbia's Vecernje novosti newspaper ahead of his official visit to Belgrade.

"The United Nations Organization with the UN Security Council should play the central role because it is the main, leading international organization. However, regional and other large organizations are also important, such as BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa] for example, or new associations like SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization]," Medvedev said.

He reminded that another important international association — G20 — was established in 2008 and noted that "economic issues should definitely be resolved now with participation of more countries." "However, I want to emphasize that the ideal model is still the United Nations Organization. It has not exhausted its potential, as opposed to what some countries are trying to claim now," Medvedev stressed.

"Not so long go, many global matters were resolved withing G8, in which Russia also participated," he reminded. "Afterwards, we we excluded from this format and told 'you don't fit in'. Now different countries are trying to lure us back in, say, 'We are ready to include you again', and so on. But the issue is not how they treated us, but rather the fact that it is impossible now to consider global issues in the G8 format," Medvedev said.