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Russian journalist, singer Yekaterina Gordon eyeing presidential run in 2018 election

Gordon positions herself as a campaigner for the rights of women and children

MOSCOW, October 30. /TASS/. Yekaterina Gordon, a high-profile broadcasting journalist and singer, has voiced her ambitions to enter Russia’s presidential race. She declared her intention in a video message uploaded to YouTube. Gordon positions herself as an advocate for the rights of single mothers and children. 

"My name is Yekaterina Gordon. I am 37 and I’ve decided to use my right and to nominate myself as a candidate for Russia’s president," she said in a video message.

Gordon says she has two children, a ten-year-long career in journalism and her own legal firm, which for the past five years has protected the rights of women and children.
"I have first-hand knowledge of how the judicial system functions in practice and how women work hard to rear their children while men dodge responsibility," Gordon said. She wants to participate in the presidential election "to speak for those women whose rights have been abused."

On Gordon’s personal website she describes herself as a human rights activist, poet, singer and songwriter.

Russians will be going to the polls to vote for the nation’s president on March 18, 2018. Officially, the election campaign will run from December 7 to 17. The Central Election Commission has repeatedly said that as long as the election campaign has not begun yet, any efforts undertaken by those wishing to participate in the race are not subject to electoral legislation. To become a registered candidate in the presidential election, a contender from a parliamentary party does not have to conduct a sign-up campaign, a candidate from a non-parliamentary party will have to present 100,000 signatures, and a self-nominee, 300,000 signatures.