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Russian economy has adapted to sanctions, Putin says

The State Duma of the seventh convocation elected on September 18, 2016, wrapped up its latest session on June 17

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. The national economy has adapted to the sanction pressure of the West and sanctions even facilitated development of certain branches of industry, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the annual Direct Line on Wednesday.

"We have not merely adapted; our economy has adapted to this sanction pressure and it has even benefited us in certain aspects," the head of state said. "These so-called replacement programs, import substitution, imported equipment and technologies replacement by indigenous ones created a good impetus in developing high-technology production spheres," Putin said.

"This definitely benefited it [production — TASS]. Let alone the agriculture, which made such a push forward we could not even imagine in past years," the head of state added.