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Russia creating advanced amphibious ship for Arctic

The amphibious vessel will have displacement of around 15,000 tons

ST. PETERSBURG, June 29. /TASS/. Russia is creating an advanced amphibious ship designed for the Arctic, Director General of the Nevskoye design bureau Sergey Vlasov told TASS at the 8th International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg.

"These are our initiated works for the future. We cannot make any headway and we suggest them for the Fleet…A vessel may be developed that may go to the Arctic and make a landing at an ice floe," he said.

The vessel should be of the highest ice class or otherwise it will be crushed by the ice, he said. "Now this is only an idea, but the Arctic is one of the priority areas for the country. And we are also looking into this direction," Vlasov said.

The design bureau said in its annual report that an amphibious vessel for the Arctic allowing making a landing at the ice will be developed for a landing helicopter dock with a displacement of around 15,000 tonnes.