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Russian Aerospace Forces deliver pinpoint strikes outside Aleppo — General Staff

The Russian General Staff stresses aircraft are delivering strikes away from residential areas

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. The Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria have conducted surgical strikes outside of the city limits of Aleppo and carefully target them outside the city limits of Aleppo and away from civilian dwelling areas, Head of the Main Operations Department of Russia’s General Staff Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy stated at a briefing on Thursday.

"Russian aircraft are delivering pinpoint airstrikes engaging targets outside of the city of Aleppo. We don’t attack weddings and funerals. Every airstrike is registered by on-board monitoring equipment and unmanned aircraft," Rudskoy elaborated.

He added that the Russian Aerospace Forces used surveillance, control and communication systems for targeting, including the ‘Strelets’ system.

"Employing these systems during bombing runs by the Sukhoi Su-24M aircraft can guarantee almost 100% efficiency of the airstrikes," he explained. Besides, Russia has been maintaining close cooperation with the Syrian army command and the people’s militia in order to gain information on the terrorists’ facilities, the general added.

"All information on the IS (terrorist group outlawed in Russia), Jabhat al-Nusra (also outlawed in Russia) and other terrorist groups undergoes a step-by-step verification. Any targets located in residential zones, near schools, hospitals, mosques and other significant social facilities where civilians may become affected, are excluded from the list. At the same time, the data received from satellites is also assessed," Rudskoy stressed.