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Putin says Army’s provision with advanced weapons guarantees Russia’s security

The president recalled that back in 2000 the level of advanced weaponry fell to a critically low level

MOSCOW, December 21. /TASS/. The level of the Russian Armed Forces’ provision with advanced weapons demonstrates their ability to guarantee the country’s security, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a board meeting of the Defense Ministry on Monday.

"By mid-December 2020, the share of advanced types of armament and military hardware in the Russian troops equals already over 70% in general-purpose forces and 86% in nuclear forces," the head of state said.

"Therefore, the army and the nuclear triad have reached the level that allows guaranteeing Russia’s security," Putin stressed.

The Russian leader cited the Defense Ministry’s data on the Army’s provision with modern weapons in previous years. "During the Soviet period, the Army’s provision with the then-modern weapons equaled 54% for general-purpose forces and 65-70% for the strategic nuclear forces. This is a good level," he pointed out.

Putin also cited the figures for 2000. "The level of advanced weapons fell to a critically low level of 12% in general-purpose forces and to 35% in the nuclear deterrence forces."

"I remember my first talks with then-Defense Minister [Igor] Sergeyev very well. He was a very decent person and a missile troop professional. He told me at the time: ‘What can I do? There is not enough money even for maintaining the nuclear forces," Putin recalled.