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Police removing barricades in central Hong Kong

Demonstrators remove their tents and go to another place, local TV says
Police removing barricades in central Hong Kong
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HONG KONG, November 18. /TASS/. Hong Kong authorities started removing barricades in the center of the megapolis on Tuesday where most protests were staged at the governmental compound.

Police are removing metallic barriers under the ruling made by the Supreme Court in the Special Administrative Region of China. Demonstrators removed their tents and went to another place, local television said.

Democratic activists have been protesting already for about two months. They demand from Beijing to lift restrictions at election of Hong Kong authorities due in 2017 making them free. Under these slogans students have stirred up massive demonstrations that reached their peak in the first week of October, when tens of thousands of local residents took to the streets. Unrest is subsiding now.