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UK sanctions Moscow Exchange, NSD, NCC, St. Petersburg Exchange, Ingosstrakh

The updated sanctions list for Russia, posted on the website of the country’s Foreign Office, includes 42 new legal entities and individuals

LONDON, June 13. /TASS/. The United Kingdom sided with sanctions introduced earlier by the US and added the Moscow Exchange, the National Settlement Depository (NSD), and the National Clearing Center (NCC) into its restriction list.

London also added St. Petersburg Exchange and the insurance company Ingosstrakh to its blacklist. The updated sanctions list for Russia, posted on the website of the country’s Foreign Office, includes 42 new legal entities and individuals.

The list comprises the Volga-Dnepr cargo airline, the Moscow Radio Engineering Plant, The Russian Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute (NAMI), VNIIR-Progress JSC, Murmansk LNG, the Kazan State and Tambov Gunpowder Plants, the Arsenal Engineering Plant, Orsk mechanical plant, Novatek Murmansk company, Modern Marine Arctic LNG Transport, enterprise for the production of chemical products FKP Kemensky combine, LLC Innovation Hub, companies Sonatek and Bina Group, as well as Arkhangelsk-based ECO Shipping, operator of the project for the construction of a gas processing and liquefaction complex in Ust-Luga RusChemAlliance and Rusatom Arctic, a subsidiary of Rosatom.

All company assets in the United Kingdom are subject to freezing, and it is prohibited to conduct business with them.

The individuals included on the sanctions list are: Yury Denisov, head of the Moscow Exchange, Avet Mirakyan, founder of the Insight investment group, Denis Frolov, owner of the Astra Group software developer, Yakub Zakriyev, general director of Danone Russia JSC, Armen Sarkisyan, owner of the S8 Capital holding, Ivan Tavrin, owner of KEX eCommerce LLC, Mark Blatt, citizen of Latvia and Israel. The latter is listed as the owner of an unnamed company of "strategic importance" for the Russian government. All of these persons are prohibited from entering the territory of the United Kingdom, their assets in the country, if found, are subject to freezing.

The updated sanction list of the UK against Russia also comprises companies from Israel, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, the UAE and the Central African Republic.

Fighting ‘shadow fleet’

London also imposed sanctions against six ships that are allegedly being used to circumvent the restrictions. In particular, sanctions were imposed against the Russian flagged cargo ship Angara and the Canis Power oil tanker sailing under the flag of the Cook Islands and NS Laguna oil tanker sailing under the flag of Gabon. The Russian-flagged Lady R, the Cook Islands-flagged Ocean AMZ, and the Cameroon-flagged Robon IMO were also sanctioned. As noted in a statement by the British Foreign Office, the purpose of this step is to combat the so-called ‘shadow fleet.’

In general, according to the Foreign Office, the new restrictions are aimed to reduce Moscow’s ability to finance its military campaign in Ukraine and "show the UK’s steadfast support for Ukraine." The Foreign Office noted that the new sanctions have been announced while the British Prime Minister is attending the G7 Leaders Summit in Italy.