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Safe Internet League registers over 1,400 fake news about COVID-19 vaccination in November

Fake news mostly appear in WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram and in comments on YouTube, according to the organization's head

MOSCOW, December 10. /TASS/. Russia’s Safe Internet League has discovered over 1,400 fake news about the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination, the League head Yekaterina Mizulina told journalists Thursday.

"The Safe Internet League has been monitoring fake news about the coronavirus since early November. The number of fakes about the vaccine and vaccination increased gradually in November. By now, we have discovered 1,476 fakes about the vaccine, and a total of 6,731 fakes about COVID itself," Mizulina said.

Such fake news mostly appear in WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram and in comments on YouTube, she added.

According to the League, the fakes target not only the Russian vaccine, but the Western developments as well. "They are possibly being disseminated both in order to discredit the vaccination process in general and as part of unscrupulous competition among the producers," Mizulina believes.

As an example, Mizulina mentioned a fake report, alleging that the Russian Foreign Ministry asked Brussels and Washington to immediately provide 30,000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Allegedly, the foreign vaccine is to be imported in order to vaccinate 14,000 Federal Protective Service officers.

Another fake report, viral on Instagram, alleges that the Russian vaccine is infected with COVID and contains other substances that suppress the immune system.

A fake spread in WhatsApp messenger lists the alleged side effects, including "sterilization of women" and "aggressive immune response to body tissues" after vaccination.