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Russia’s advanced technology helps use unguided munitions as precision bombs

Gefest system analyzes data of the Glonass satellite navigation grouping on the mutual location of the aircraft and the target

KUBINKA (Moscow Region), August 25. /TASS/. Russia’s SVP-24 Gefest specialized computer sub-system has increased the bombing accuracy of Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers and enabled Su-24M bombers to use unguided munitions as high-precision weapons in the Syria operation, Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff Lieutenant General Igor Makushev said on Friday.

Makushev, who also chairs the Military-Scientific Committee of the Russian Armed Forces, said that Tu-22M3 bombers had been involved in a special operation in Syria. They made over 250 sorties, using 250kg and 500kg munitions, he said.

"Tu-22M3 aircraft were used for delivering strikes against targets in Syria. Before that, the bombers underwent modernization, during which specialized computer sub-systems were mounted on them, which helped considerably increase the bombing accuracy," the general said at a roundtable discussion on the Syrian experience at the Army-2017 military and technical forum.

'Gefest' system

The SVP-24 Gefest system analyzes data of the Glonass satellite navigation grouping on the mutual location of the aircraft and the target, takes into account the level of atmospheric pressure, air humidity, the wind speed, the flight velocity and some other factors to calculate the route, speed and altitude of dropping air-launched munitions, after which bombing is conducted in automatic mode, the chairman of the Military-Scientific Council said.

The upgrade of Su-25SM aircraft provided for a possibility of bombing using the satellite navigation system, the general said.

"The use of Su-24M bombers equipped with the SVP-24 Gefest sub-system has helped ensure the efficiency of striking enemy installations with unguided bombs comparable with the accuracy of using smart bombs," he stressed.

According to Makushev, 50% of basic missions for wiping out enemy facilities by air strikes in Syria were performed by Su-24M bombers and Su-25SM ground attack aircraft.

"The fourth-generation Su-34 fighter-bomber delivered precision strikes in the tactical and operational depth of the enemy’s territory. This aircraft is distinguished by its high maneuverability at low altitudes, the latest navigation and sight equipment, a phased array radar and a powerful radio-electronic suppression system while its 12 suspension hardpoints allow the Su-34 to carry up to 8 tonnes of munitions," the general said.

The Su-34 aircraft also provided for the efficient use of KAB-500 guided air bombs and Kh-29L laser-guided missiles in Syria, he added.

"Therefore, the aviation platforms in operation for a long time have proved their efficiency," the Russian general said.