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Kiev may use ATACMS missiles to hit Crimean Bridge — Russian defense ministry official

Russian military will do its utmost to repel such attacks, Apty Alaudinov said

MOSCOW, April 25. /TASS/. The United States is actually financing terrorist activity by providing military aid to Ukraine, since Kiev may attempt to hit the Crimean Bridge with the use of ATACMS missiles, Apty Alaudinov, Chechnya's Akhmat unit commander and a senior Russian defense ministry official, told TASS.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden signed into law a package of military aid to Ukraine, which was passed by Congress. The US weapons supplies to Ukraine are expected to be resumed later this week.

"We should understand that this package of aid the US is trying to provide to Ukraine was initially meant to make it possible for Ukraine to do something extraordinary on the battlefield. Two thirds of this money will obviously stay in America. And part of it, including in the form of ATACMS and other weapons will go to Ukraine as alleged aid. As a matter of fact, this can be described as financing terrorist activity. I think that these missiles will be used to stage terrorist attacks on Russian territories that could be reached by them. And it is not ruled out that they may try to hit the Crimean Bridge," Alaudinov said, adding that the Russian military will do its utmost to repel such attacks.