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Russia has answer to deployment of US missile defense in Europe

Defense Minister: we don’t sit and look at missile defense deployment; our science, designers and plants work effectively

MOSCOW, December 18, 19:05 /ITAR-TASS/. Russia has what to react to the deployment of U.S. missile defence in Europe, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday.

“We don’t sit and look at missile defense deployment. Believe me that our science, designers and plants work effectively. Russia’s army possesses of powerful, mobile and efficient weapons,” Shoigu said.

The Defense Ministry has the right to deploy weapons in any part of Russia. “Recently a big deal has been made that we deployed Iskander tactical ballistic missiles in the wrong area. We’re deploying our missiles where we want,” the defense minister said.

Several foreign countries voice concern about the fact that Russia is deploying troops in the Arctic region. “Next year, I believe, we’ll end a program for deploying troops on Frantz Josef Archipelago and Novaya Zemlya. We’re also studying Wrangel Island,” Shoigu said.

“One can’t believe rumors saying Russia is weak and can do nothing. Believe me it’s the lie,” he said.