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Russian military helicopters arrive in Mongolia for joint drills

CHITA, August 15. /TASS/. Eight army aviation helicopters of Russia’s Eastern Military District have arrived in Mongolia to take part in the Selenga-2019 exercise, the district’s press service said on Thursday.

"The aviation group comprises eight helicopters - four Mi-24 helicopter gunships and four Mi-8AMTSh assault transport helicopters," the press service said.

The helicopters will provide fire support and reconnaissance for Russian and Mongolian forces taking part in the exercises.

The Russian-Mongolian military exercise, headlined Selenga after the river that originates in Mongolia and flows into Russia’s Lake Baikal, are held on an annual basis. This year, the drills will be held at Mongolia’s Munh Hat range on August 15-24. They will involve over 1,000 servicemen from both sides.

The Eastern Military District said in July it would also send motorized rifles and tank units, a mortar battery, MLRS, self-propelled artillery, NCB protection, reconnaissance and a medical team.