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There may be no Ukraine in 50 years due to US betrayal — Tucker Carlson

US is selling off lands in Ukraine to foreign investors, and will flood country with third-world migrants, journalist stated

NEW YORK, June 1. /TASS/. The United States has betrayed Kiev, and there may be no Ukrainian nation in 50 years’ time, noted US journalist Tucker Carlson said on Friday as he interviewed Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former US President Donald Trump.

"They are already selling off lands in Ukraine to foreign investors, and they will flood Ukraine with third-world migrants and in 50 years, there’ll be no Ukrainian nation. <...> We betrayed them like no other country ever," Carlson said.

Trump Jr., in turn, wondered what a "victory in Ukraine" means for Washington. "No one’s articulated what a victory in Ukraine looks like? I don’t know what it means [for the current US administration]. Is it just like perpetual death of Ukrainians and Russians until they’re all wiped out?" he asked rhetorically.

Earlier, Carlson claimed that the US foreign policy establishment has been weighing the possibility of a military conflict with Russia over the past two decades. The journalist believes that the situation in Ukraine can be viewed as Washington’s final attempt to show its power abroad which has failed.