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Tel Aviv holds memorial rally for children killed by Ukrainian army in Donbass

According to Boris Dreitser, the organization’s goal is to inform the Israeli public about the events in Donbass

TEL AVIV, December 2. /TASS/. A rally dedicated to the children of Donbass who died because of the actions of Ukraine’s armed forces was held in Tel Aviv on Friday with its participants protesting against the Kiev regime’s policies and honoring the memory of the slaughtered children, a TASS correspondent reports.

The rally was organized by the Israeli Anti-Nazi Front civic association and held in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square, attracting several dozen participants.

The people came bearing flags of Russia, Israel, the DPR and LPR and brought candles and toys. Organizers prepared posters with photographs of the children who were killed in Donbass and information about the conflict in that region. The slogan "Peace. Children. Donbass. No war," was inscribed on a poster above the exhibit.

Activists read poetry about war and in their speeches in Russian and Hebrew spoke about the Donbass tragedy and the suffering of residents there caused by Ukrainian nationalists. "The meeting is dedicated to the memory of children and adults who for the past nine years have been, are being and continue to be annihilated every day by Ukraine’s Nazi regime," Boris Dreitser, one of the leaders of the Israeli Anti-Nazi Front, told a TASS correspondent.

According to him, the organization’s goal is to inform the Israeli public about the events in Donbass. "We decided to come out here for one simple reason - we need to tell people the truth because, unfortunately, there are so many obstacles to the truth, it is impossible to hear it in foreign media outlets or in Israeli media outlets, it is impossible to read it on social networks so we decided to come out and tell this truth as much as we can," he emphasized.

The rally was interrupted several times by provocations from passers-by who were starting arguments with the participants. The troublemakers were immediately removed by the police, who maintained order in the square. An address to Israel’s authorities urging them not to supply weapons to Ukraine was also read out at the rally. At the end of the event, participants released 100 white balloons in memory of the innocent victims in Donbass.