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Policeman, teacher killed in Moscow school shooting awarded with Order of Valor

A policeman wounded in the shooting was also awarded with Order of Valor
Warrant Officer of Police Sergei Bushuyev and teacher Andrei Kirillov;
Warrant Officer of Police Sergei Bushuyev and teacher Andrei Kirillov

MOSCOW, February 06. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree awarding a policeman and a teacher killed and another policeman wounded in the Moscow school shooting with the Order of Valor on Thursday.

“For valor and selflessness showed in call of official and civil duty I award posthumously Warrant Officer of Police Sergei Viktorovich Bushuyev, teacher of secondary school number 263 Andrei Nikolayevich Kirillov with the Order of Valor and award Senior Sergeant of Police Vladimir Alexandrovich Krokhin with the Order of Valor,” the decree says.

Earlier Putin named as a tragedy an armed incident staged at a Moscow secondary school, where a senior student opened fire on Monday, and urged to pay closer attention to upbringing of younger generation.

Gun control measures

Legislators have called for tougher gun control measures. Chairperson of the Committee for Security and Counteraction to Corruption in State Duma’s lower house of Russian parliament Irina Yarovaya called for restricting toughly the spread of arms in Russia and harsher control for keeping arms by its owners. “This is a correct way to protect the life and health of people,” she told reporters while commenting on a tragic incident staged at Moscow secondary school # 263 in the northeast of the Russian capital on Monday.

In her view, a grave crime that is not typical for Russia was committed. “Obviously, we should not amass our own problems and such regretful experience,” the lawmaker noted. “We should draw conclusions from those horrible examples that take place almost daily in the United States,” she added.

The chair of the parliamentary committee believes that serious inquiry in three additional circumstances should be conducted in this crime. “First, it is needed to find out where and under which circumstances a teenager could have gotten the guns,” she said. “Secondly, it should be realized why security measures at the school entrance provided by the security guard agency failed,” the lawmaker noted.

Investigators seek arrest of school shooter

Investigators have asked Moscow's Basmanny court to arrest the teenager who took hostages at city school #263 and shot and killed two people and wounded one on Monday.

The suspect was masked as he was convoyed to the court by special task force police. At the beginning of the hearing the investigator said the high school student should be placed under arrest. In accordance with the law, his name cannot be disclosed because of the gravity of the crime he committed.

Criminal proceedings were opened over hostage taking, murder and attempted murder of law-enforcement personnel.