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Police officer severely wounded in Moscow school shooting comes off artificial lung

His condition is improving

MOSCOW, February 5. /ITAR-TASS/. Officer of the patrol-guard service Vladimir Krokhin that had been severely wounded during the shooting incident at school in Moscow, has already come off the artificial lung as his condition noticeably improved. This was reported by spokesperson of Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow’s North-Eastern administrative district Karina Sabitova.

“Vladimir Krokhin has been already removed from artificial lung, he can talk; relatives came to see him,” Sabitova said.

She noted that officers of the district police continue donating blood for their colleague.

"The patient was in extremely grave condition. It was a shock caused by loss of blood, a pain shock," director of the Sklifosovsky emergency medicine hospital Mogeli Khubita said at a staff meeting on Wednesday. "Today, he is breathing on his own; he has already talked with his wife over the telephone."