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Teenager responsible for shooting in Moscow school presumed to suffer nervous breakdown

The school student had an excellent school record, the Investigative Committee reported

MOSCOW, February 03. /ITAR-TASS/. A senior school student who brought a gun to school on Monday and shot a teacher and kept his schoolmates at gunpoint had "most likely suffered a nervous breakdown," spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin told journalists on the crime scene on Monday.

"The school student had an excellent school record, and most likely he had suffered a nervous breakdown. Whatever reasons were behind his conduct will be established in the course of an investigation,” the Investigative Committee spokesman said. "The shooter was a tenth-grade student who came to the classroom to meet his classmates," Markin confirmed.

"The teenager responsible will be interrogated; questions will also be put to other schoolchildren, the shooter's classmates, the school director and the school guards," Markin said.

Forensic experts of the Investigative Committee Central apparatus have joined an investigation conducted by the investigators of the Investigative Committee’s Moscow department, Markin said.

Detectives are looking in all details of the incident. “He was detained. A measure of restraint will be determined for him. A detective and a psychologist are questioning him. Several tests, including a psychological and psychiatric one will be conducted on him,” the spokesman added.

To find exact motives for the shooting incident detectives “will examine a computer of the senior student and all details of his private life”.


Student shoots geography teacher and police officer

A high-school student shot dead the geography teacher and opened fire at police that arrived after the alarm bottom signal, killing one policeman on Monday. The criminal did not have any conflicts with teachers or other students, Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov, who had earlier arrived at the scene, said.