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Moscow mayor orders security measures check at city schools

The move follows Monday's fatal shooting at Moscow school #263, which left two people dead

MOSCOW, February 04. /ITAR-TASS/. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has ordered his deputy in charge of social issues to check how city schools meet security requirements, following fatal shooting at school #263 on Monday in which two people were killed and one was injured.

"Supervise the check at Moscow schools for compliance with security requirements, the operation of video monitoring systems and security services' work," Sobyanin instructed his deputy Leonid Pechatnikov at a city government meeting on Tuesday.

He also ordered to come up with proposals to improve this work and asked the regional security department to assist.

On Monday, a senior pupil of Moscow school # 263 entered the school building carrying a rifle. The guard managed to press the panic button before he was forced to accompany the adolescent to the biology classroom where his classmates were. The youngster shot at geography teacher Andrei Kirillov, 30, who died on the spot and then fired at the police called to the scene by the school guard. He wounded police Sergeant Vladimir Krokhin and killed his colleague Ensign Sergei Bushuyev.

Criminal proceedings were opened over hostage taking, murder and attempted murder of police. The shooter was detained.